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Corporate English

If you have opened this page it means that you or your chief is thinking about teaching your employees English. Probably, you are still hesitating if you really need to study a foreign language. In this case we would like to share our experience with you and make some examples as we are aware why companies, which have already become our clients, choose corporate English lessons at their offices.

  1. Strengthen your positions in the world of business

The fact that your employees know English has undoubtedly positive impact on the growth of your company and its future development. The quality of services, which your company provides, depends on skills and experience of your employees.


Expand your business skills

English language gives you more perspectives to develop your business on international level. It's impossible to expand  business boundaries without English.

Communicate with foreign colleagues

It’s not a secret that nowadays most companies can afford to invite foreign colleagues to hold a master class or just hire them. If your employees study English, you can be sure that foreigners will be understood and your employees won’t be confused.

Motivate your employees

The money invested in employees' training is a supplementary motivation for your employees to improve themselves and grow professionally.

Pull your team together
If you want to pull your team together and relieve the monotony of a long working day, English classes are exactly what you need.

English language courses in your office
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Teaching programs

Speaking English

This program includes a «Grammar in charts» textbook, designed by our company, and vocabulary typical for everyday life.

At the lessons students role play different life situations, overcome the language barrier and learn how to properly express their thoughts in English.

Business English

Choose this program if you need English for your work or to carry on a business correspondence, for communication with foreign partners or hold presentations. This course involves studying of business vocabulary, including grammatical and stylistic patterns typical for business English.

Speaking Club

Speaking Club provides a wonderful opportunity to practice your speaking English and maintain your skills at high level.Each lesson you will be discussing a new interesting topic; everyone will be engaged. This will allow you to communicate and comprehend English speech of different people simultaneously. Our professional Russian-speaking teachers and native speakers will gladly help you to improve your pronunciation and increase your vocabulary at Speaking Club lessons.

Lessons with native English speakers

This course will be a good approach if your employees have a high level of English, not lower than Intermediate, but they are still not satisfied with the knowledge   they have acquired. Choose this program and you’ll get an opportunity to discuss interesting topics with a teacher, learn how to understand native speakers’ speech, overcome the language barrier, to know other cultures and traditions.

TOEFL, IELTS and FCE preparation

This is really on the front burner for those companies whose employees will be trained on the MBA program or cooperate with an international company that requires high level of English. The peculiarity of this course is to improve the main skills as listening, reading, speaking and writing, which are required for passing an exam and ability to work with the tasks, identical to examinational ones.

Price for individual and group lessons at client's office

With Russian speaking teacher

DurationWithout discountWith 15% discount*
60 min 350 UAH 297,5 UAH
90 min 470 UAH 399,5 UAH
120 min 620 UAH 527 UAH
* discount is available only for classes held on weekdays from 10.00 till 16.00

With  native English speaker

DurationWithout discount
60 min 420 UAH
90 min 530 UAH
120 min 680 UAH

Other discounts**

More than 5 groups in a company 10% discount
More than 3 groups in a company 5% discount
You can choose only one suitable discount


-  10% discount for corporate clients if testing the level of English of potential candidates upon entry into employment;
- 10% discount on proffesional translation services for our corporate         clients
- students’ level of progress control and report system for managers;
- language support to our students in soicial networks.
Additional services***

Testing the level of English of the potential candidates upon entry into employment


Individual interview

Group interview

60 minutes 350 UAH 500 UAH

***This service is provided for EnglishOffice clients with 10% discoun

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