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How we work

Step 1
Contact  our manager by phone
or complete an online application
Step 2
Get acquainted with our business proposal and watch the presentation
Are you interested in how we will teach your employees English? You have an opportunity to get acquainted with our business proposal or meet personally with the representatives of our company and watch the presentation at your office. At the meeting you will be able to ask any questions and express your wishes as to the program and terms of education.
Step 4
Signing an Agreement
The next step after presentation and trial lesson is signing an Agreement. Our manager in charge of corporate education together with a representative of Client Company conforms the terms of Agreement and the form of payment. After singing the Agreement, a Client Company should process the payment for the first month of education and buy textbooks.
Step 6
Move to a higher level of education and
improve  your English.
Our clients at the stage of achieving desirably high level of English and in order to maintain knowledge of their employees order a course «English with a native speaker».
Step 3
Take a test and find out more about program and teacher at the trial lesson
The next step of our collaboration is testing the prospective students by means of live or e-mail testing. Testing is an obligatory step and is taken in order to identify students’ level of English and elicit individual peculiarities. We create educational program on basis of testing results, client’s needs and individual peculiarities of students. Trial lesson* can be optional and held after the testing is done. It gives students an opportunity to get acquainted with the lesson structure and the teacher.
* If a Client Company chooses our company, the trial lesson  will be included to the invoice. The duration of the trial lesson is 60 min.
Step 5
Control the quality of education and money
invested with the help of our reporting system.
During all educational process our manager works in close contact with the person in charge of education in Client Company and provides detailed quarterly reports. As the result of constant control and feedback system some improvements and changes to the program can be made in order to provide the highest level of education.
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