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Tips for writing articles, reports and reviews in preparation for FCE

On Saturday, on 14th October we held the training “Successful FCE Writing: articles, reports, reviews” where we looked precisely into the technique of writing ARTICLES, REPORTS and REVIEWS in passing FCE. 

Our methodologist Tatiana shares her impressions after it:

“Love What We Do... 

with such mood the EnglishOffice team approaches to every client, lesson and events devoted to passing Cambridge Exams, for sure. 

This Saturday the training “Successful FCE Writing Part 2: articles, reports and reviews “ was held and I with a great pleasure share my excitement with you after this event:

  • we analyzed 3 most common types of reviews, assessment, reports and not only tips for writing articles;
  • Completed set of practice exercises, discussed most FAQ;
  • Recharge with energy for the whole week!

P.S. We are looking forward to all participants checking their home task!

Anyone interested in attending this training is welcome to challenge his strengths at the training FCE Part 3 in November.