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It's so easy to learn new words!

Are you studying English? Do you understand the importance to extend your vocabulary? Do you know how to learn 100 words by heart within 150 minutes?

Our students in the company Interpipe have already known it as long as we held "Memory Workshop" for them on 24 October.  And now 11 students of our teacher Anna are able to boast of mastered technique to learn words and, as a result, to enhance their English.
The training was held under the motto: "Pimp your memory!" and within 2 hours we:
- defined a memory type each of the participants and helped to choose the best techniques for memorization words;
- showed how to approach funny and creatively to process of learning words by associations;
- confirmed that in the short term it is possible to learn 100 words.
The lesson was held in easy game way with great mood and visible result.
In the future we will be happy to hold "Memory Workshop" for our other willing clients.