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Teaching IELTS

EnglishOffice expands not only your horizons in English, but its own too! This Sunday we held an event devoted to IELTS Teaching. Long-term experience of successful preparation for taking Cambridge Exams lets us, the Certified exam preparation center, conduct  master classes not only for students, but also for our colleagues and partners who are ready to develop their skills in this direction. In February the series of IELTS training sessions for teachers was launched.

During these sessions the participants work out such questions:
- IELTS rapid fire questions
- Teaching IELTS Listening
- Teaching IELTS Reading
- Teaching IELTS Writing
- Teaching IELTS Speaking
- IELTS teaching resourses
- Preparation course duration

This Sunday our certified IELTS trainer Anna proved again that Teaching IELTS can be fascinating, creative and amusing. Special thanks to all participants for positive mood and quest for new goals!